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The term “entrepreneur” is frequently used for people that are starting their own businesses. Whether you want to determine your desires or take a small step into creating something that will allow you to capitalize on that desire, you are learning these step; Act, Learn, Build & Repeat.

To be an entrepreneur you need to have a strong desire to start a business, have a good idea, work hard and be committed. Furthermore, you need to understand that no matter how educated or skilled you are, you need to build a team. A team is a group of people coming together with the vision of achieving the same goal.

Having a team not just enables you to motivate each other, it’s about putting everybody’s different set of skills at practice. To build a product, you have the person with the idea. To help execute the product successfully, you need designers, developers, marketers and managers all effectively collaborating with each other.

The importance of working together is to:

  • Achieve goals efficiently; teamwork helps to achieve the common objective in less time. When people with complementary skills mutually cooperate to accomplish goals, they will complete the work faster than otherwise would be possible.
  • Enhanced skills and development; Being in a team allows continual learning from each other’s knowledge and thereby enhance your own knowledge, skills and capabilities.
  • Creativity; since there is more interaction going around than there would be if you were were to work on your own, creative ideas tend to evolve. Often bits of advice from colleagues may help you come up with far more new ideas, than you would yourself if you had to go about solving a problem all by yourself.

People interact on a continuous basis for the duration of a task. In the process, you may develop friendships that give you the sense of unity and become committed to the accomplishment of the team’s objectives. So why not come to Startup Weekend Edu on September 24th if you are alone, start meeting your new team! Like Henry Ford says “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.

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