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About the author: Glenn Vicary participated in Louisville’s 7th Startup Weekend in 2015..

Startup weekend might be competition, but the experiences you gain are the real prize. It’s a great weekend full of new experiences and connections. This year, startup weekend is located at the University of Louisville College of Business, a great place with history of entrepreneurship. Everyone can read books and talk about achieving their ideas, but why not spend two days making it a reality? Start-up weekend is a crazy blur of working on an idea with people and help making it happen. Each person is unique, which is why startup weekend groups people into three categories; hustler, programmer and designer. This way, individuals can use their strengths, or develop new ones.

Do you know how to convince a stranger to buy a new product? Your widget will need a great website and a way to accept payment. How about making cold calls to find experts to give input in your business’s formation? Now what about within a 48-hour period?

We finally settled on creating a pizza Priceline service. By the end of the weekend, we had created a website, developed a working contract with local pizzerias, received angry phone calls from hotels for soliciting their customers, and most importantly, sold pizzas to people GENERATING REVENUE! More importantly, we had developed a tremendous network of friends and contacts.

It’s a great process, because you are given the opportunity to pitch your own ideas, but also choose which team you would like to work with. Additionally, they always have great mentors who are there to help you develop your project and and skillset. I highly recommend participate in this rewarding opportunity.

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If you read this post after March 11-13, 2016, always visit http://www.louisvillestartupweekend.org for the next event.

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