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Welcome to Startup week-end Buea 2016

For this first edition of the year in Buea, one of our coaches Fabrice Tayou is very glad to share its personal experience with this event.

official poster of the vent startup week-end Buea 2016
official poster of the vent startup week-end Buea 2016

Many people have idea, it is very important to start by something original. It is true, idea has no limits: in your head, you can see you walking on cloud or blowing with elephant. NOW, go from wind to sand??

In Cameroon I had occasions to see talented people knowing how to bring out those stupidities. Yes, it is stupid to think about a mountain in your hand but it is never stupid do think about how to achieve that. For sure I have never been out of Cameroon however I am able to think about international business, they helped me to improve my business analytical approach.

This event will be a new occasion to review and reconsider the way I took my current businesses, for those whom it is the first time or those who never gave a try to this kind of event, I just say: take all what you will see, hear and or do; take it for you and let it grow itself. My name is Fabrice Tayou, the event will take place in Buea from the 29 to the 31 of July. Good luck!

Fabrice Lylian Tayou

startup weekend Buea