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To give you a preview of what you can expect to see during the pitches on Sunday – you are joining us aren’t you? – we’ll give you a short introduction of what our teams have cooked up.

First save
This team is creating a network of first responders. If you have the app installed and are ever in trouble, you can click one button and a number of volunteers in your area will be warned that you need help.

Sign up on firstsave.org if you want to be part of their demo this Sunday (don’t worry, you don’t actually have to come to the rescue yet :-).


This service will provide a platform to enable recruiters to easily manage and screen incoming recruits. They will enable recruiters to do an automated video pre-screening of candidates allowing them to save time and effort in their busy schedules.

For George

An online community for booklovers where experiences around books are shared. They offer users a way to easily share books with friends, family and strangers. For George will also be partnering with local shops in order to set up a network of places where members can lend books.

Meet me 4 a cause

This is an online platform where people can challenge each other into playing online games. The credits you buy to play the game will of course go to a charity of your choosing.

Out of the box meetings

‘Out of the box meetings’ is developing a ‘6th sense Internet of Things’ solutions to improve group dynamics in meeting rooms for training and internal team meetings.

Healthy plate

To enable students to eat healthier, Healthy Plate will provide them with all the ingredients and recipes they need to eat food for a week. They will help them have fun with it by building a community around healthy food and encouraging friends to join in.

Arti Mundi

This team wil help artisans to sell their hand made creations by providing them with professional services such as photography, a story, an online presence and events. For the customers they provide an appealing way to discover handmade one-of-a-kind curated goods.

Evelien De Bruyne