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I smell a rat. The employee is up to no good. The competition is about to launch an attack. The new potential partner is going to undercut us. Our investor will back out.

These are all words of an entrepreneur who has been there and done that. He or she has been burned, is jaded and knows what to expect in the cruel world of a startup. He or she is prepared for the worst, until proven otherwise.

A new entrepreneur on the other hand, expects the best from everyone, until proven otherwise. That contact who promised you a new lead? Of course you believe him! The partner who wants to help you conquer the industry. Why wouldn’t she? The cofounder who says they will be with you until the end? Of course he will!

It is only after the new entrepreneur gets a small dose of reality does it sink in that nothing comes at face value as a founder. You must be more aware of the scenario and the context all the time. You have to learn when to call BS!

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Kriti Vichare Kriti Vichare