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What is success? Can you measure it? Of course you can! The World Startup Report Team examined the data from the TOP 3 Biggest Internet Companies of 50 countries from around the world. That’s 150 companies across 6 continents. We call this the “Internet Hall of Fame.”


TOP 10 Countries

No ranking is complete without a TOP 10 list. These are the TOP 10 highest valued Internet companies across 50 countries. Nobody is surprised to see the US holding down position #1. Can you guess which country holds the 2nd spot? Or the 5th? What about the 20th position? The image above shows the TOP 10 countries and the highest valued Internet company in each.

Can you spot a country from Europe? Turns out, Europe does not have a single country in the TOP 10 list. However, they DOMINATE the 11-20 list, securing 8 of 10 positions there. See the Table below for the country list. This and many more interesting insights were gleaned from our research.


How big can internet companies be in your country?

We have selected 50 countries in our research to represent a wide range of geographies, economic development levels, population sizes and many more. In the end, we wanted to find out what sort of development is possible in each of these countries. Our proxy – the historical size of Internet companies and their respective valuations. Each of the selected 50 countries is represented by their 3 largest companies measured in $USD. You can find the full data of our research HERE.


The Billion $ Club

29 countries – this is the number of members who belong to the “Unicorn” club of Internet companies. Every country on this list has at least one $1B Internet company. Interestingly, Europe has a very high number of countries in this club, even though none of them made it to the TOP 10. This only proves that it is possible to build Billion $ companies in Europe, but there is the glass ceiling after crossing a certain size. Full list is HERE.


Size of different company status

8 companies of ‘TOP 10 companies’ list are Public. 1 (Alibaba) filed for IPO and one company in the TOP 10 is private. This demonstrates that going IPO creates the highest value to the company and allows it to grow to hundreds of billions of $. If we took data from all 150 companies, Public companies would on average be 6x bigger than Private companies and over 60 times larger than the average acquisition value.


Communication is the key, but e-commerce is the King

E-Commerce and Search are the most popular industries on our list. In fact, these industries could be considered the building blocks of each country’s Internet growth. It is worth noting that even though individually, companies in these industries have the highest overall values, on average none of these categories has the highest value. Companies in the communication field are by far the most highly valued.


Stats from Internet industries: average age and valuations

How does industry value compare to industry age (or maturity)? The graph above shows the average valuation of each industry in our data set while at the same time indicates the average year these companies were founded in. For example, Search industry companies were started just before 2000 and the companies in this field could be considered the most mature (almost 15 years old). At the same time, Communication companies on average have the highest valuations and have only been around about 10 years. Interestingly, the industry directly dealing with money – payments – has a relatively low average company valuation.


This would not be possible without…

Our research project would not be possible without the help of our incredible supporters around the world. These people took their time to source information, sometimes even contacting the founders directly to ensure the validity of our data. Only by building this community of supporters are we able to provide you with these insights from the Internet industry. If you would like to contribute and become part of the community, please send a message to andrius [@] worldstartupreport.com

About the research

Our “Internet Hall of Fame” has chosen the 3 biggest Internet companies in each country based on valuation. The country matching was done according to where the majority of a company’s operations (number of employees in the country) are held. Valuation data comes from: stock market data (highest point in the history of the company was selected), acquisition value, valuation at the latest round of investment, or, as a last resort, a guesstimate based on revenues and industry.

About the organization

World Startup Report (WSR) is a not for profit organization founded by startup enthusiast, Bowei Gai. The idea is to share and promote information about startup communities worldwide with input from local members. After 9 months of travelling the world and compiling data firsthand, the team is working hard, putting together all the research. Want to contribute? Send your email to andrius@worldstartupreport.com