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Hello Adrien! Thank you for your time and for accepting to be coach in the next Startup Weekend Lyon, IoT Makers. So, you are new in town? How is Lyon treating you? What do you think about our IoT ecosystem?

Indeed, I’ve moved to the city at the end of January. The city looks amazing and warmer than Lille :p

The IoT ecosystem is quite different since I don’t see a major startup place like Euratechnologies for example, but I already see some nice startup points in the city. I am really excited to discover Lyon startups, especially those dealing with IoT products.

Last time we met, you were participant/coach in the Startup Weekend Lille Makers one year ago. I remembered that you were helping many projects in parallel during the weekend. So, How did you manage to help all these guys? What is your secret sauce?

I was part of a team, but, to spice things up, I also wanted to help startups that were developing hardware and/or Sigfox objects. So, I defined the scope of the prototype of my team like Saturday morning, and I helped other teams as much as I can, while not sleeping between Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, I finally start the work on the prototype, and, in few hours, I managed to build a functional connected NapPod (to sleep easily while being at work). 

In your opinion, Why is it important the role of mentor in a Startup Weekend?

I think the mentor could really help teams to nurture their ideas. As a mentor, I really want to enhance the startup weekend experience. In a certain way, I want to give back what I learned as a participant in startup weekends. 

I will help teams as much as I can on their IoT project with the experience I have.

How did you find your passion for the IoT? Can you tell us more about your maker spirit?

In fact, it is quite funny because my passion for IoT, and hardware in general, came from the first startup weekend I attended in early 2015. 

That is also at that time that I met Sigfox, and I am now part of their Ambassadors team, to promote and help people develop with their technology.

Since a year now, I also help startups creating and improving their IoT products. I am also an intern at Rtone, where I work as a firmware engineer on their upcoming products.

Since our next event is Startup Weekend IoT Makers, we would like to ask you: If you were an object, what would you be and why?

I would be a Pebble smartwatch, always connected, useful, and autonomous. I am also fan of their former hardware team, that really push the boundaries of what a smartwatch could be.

Thanks a lot for this interview, Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Yes, I will animate a Sigfox workshop at the beginning of the weekend, where I will present the technology, and give a hands-on experience to the participants.

Arturo Guizar Arturo Guizar
(@ArturoMJGuizar) PhD in Telecommunications, I am passionate about entrepreneurship, science and innovation with technologies associated with IoT and AI.