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Hello Joseph! Thanks for taking some of your time with us. After having participated in our last Startup Weekend HandyTech, you decided to continue the Benur project – combining Roman chariots, electricity and IoT – your team created a new electric handbike to improve the mobility of people with disabilities. How did you came with such idea? What is your background? and What did you inspire you?

The idea came from a personal story, because following a traffic accident in 2012, I stayed two years in a wheelchair, and I created Benur to regain my mobility.

So, you have already years of working experience, Why did you decide to participate in Startup Weekend? What were your expectations?

My expectations were to discover and test prototype ideas

Which difficulties did you find during the weekend? Do you think you were prepared?

It was interesting to discover the startup weekend, without being prepared to be forced to work effectively

How did you manage to find such a great team?

I think it’s the quality of the event that attracts good profiles

In your opinion, why do you think that people should come to a Startup Weekend in Lyon?

To meet people and exchange and work with passionate people

What are the next steps for Benur? Do you have a product in Beta version? How can we reach you?

The first version will be released in May 2018, you can see all the information via our:

Since our next event is Startup Weekend IoT Makers (Internet of Things), we would like to ask you: If you were an object, what would you be and why?

Benur a connected object, the interest of its use is that it is shared and this is possible only with internet

Is there anything you would like to add?

The Startup Weekend was a great developer of solutions for my project, the objectivity of the participants allowed to be in the reality of the market


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