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We’re happy to introduce another awesome mentor to you. He’s Kasper Brandi Petersen, co-founder of The Cloakroom. Kasper will help you with turning your idea into a complete business and help you execute it.

We’ve interviewed Kapser for our community. Read what he have to say:

Why is entrepreneurship important to you?

Entrepreneurship is a creative craftsmanship and building organisations and products are simply put the most exciting thing in the world. To me it’s not about saving the world or making a difference – it’s just about starting something from scratch and growing it to something big and special.

How can you help our participants as a mentor?

I love to turn a loose idea into a commercial business plan. My role in our startup very much revolves around spotting great ideas in all corners of our offices, breaking it down into specific deliverables, and make sure we execute on it.

What kind of ideas are you looking forward to see at this year’s event?

I’m obsessed with any kind of online-based service that removes friction from people’s everyday life. I believe in a combination of efficiency boosting algorithms and personalised human curation and service.

What is the most important lesson you want to give to our participants?

Don’t overthink your concept – it’s going to change anyway. Execution and assembling the right team is the key differentiator.

Why should someone with a business idea join to Startup Weekend?

To get your idea tested and validated and to meet people you might end up doing extraordinary things with in the future.

Why should people participate in Startup Weekend even if they don’t have an idea?

To get inspired and to test your own skills within ideation and execution.

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