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Over the past few years, the Las Vegas startup community has taken off and grown dramatically with support from leaders and numerous programs that strive to empower entrepreneurs locally. On August 12th, UP CEO Marc Nager and UP Chairman Steve Case will be part of the UP Global LIVE Lounge as part of SXSW V2V, and Case will be a guest judge for the SW event prior to SXSW on Sunday, August 11th.


Throughout SXSW V2V, UP and Startup America will host a series of panel discussions, networking events, and “office hours” with leaders in the entrepreneurial community. We’re excited to engage with the Las Vegas community as well as the vibrant SXSW group gathered for this event.

UP Global’s Chief Marketing Officer, Joey Pomerenke, states, “Since the launch of UP Global this year, SXSW V2V will be the first public event for our organization and leadership to connect closely with our community, share more about the UP Global vision, and discuss how we hope to support entrepreneurs in the future through our added community initiatives and educational programs.”

On August 13th, UP Chairman Steve Case will be giving a talk called “The Rise of the (Entrepreneurial) Rest.” You can learn more about the talk here. The Kauffman Foundation will also be joining us to present a series of panels covering a range of topics on design, scale, diversity, funding, and corporate collaboration with entrepreneurial communities.

We’re excited to talk ‘UP’ with our community – join us if you can! More info on SXSW V2V can be found here. Join the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #UPGlobalLIVE. 

For a full list of guest panelists and speakers, check out our programming below! 


Design & Scale – Design is at the core of companies like Apple, Path and Square.  We will take a deeper look into the methods and importance of implementing design into your company from the startup stages to scaling it throughout an organization.

Fostering Startup Communities: Las Vegas Edition – An inside look at the entrepreneurs and innovators that are developing downtown Las Vegas into one of the fastest-growing startup communities in the world.

Leveraging Diversity – In an increasingly diverse and global economy, many entrepreneurs still find themselves unsure of how to navigate, adapt and leverage these differences that are necessary for success. Learn about the various networks of support that are available to you as you grow your venture.

Fund Thy Neighbor – From crowd funding to global corporations giving back locally, creating an impact in the neighborhoods where we live and work is an investment in the future of our communities. Learn what they’re interested in, how to get funded, what has been successful and much more.

Alternatives for Corporate Collaboration – Startups need big companies for many reasons: as customers, strategic advisors, and investors or as a means for an exit. Discover the different ways these companies are developing their relationships with startups and new inventions. Learn the many ways that you can collaborate work with these big companies to set you up for success.

Some of our guest speakers, panelists, and moderators:

  • Leslie Jump, Board member for UP Global, Partner at Sawari Ventures, LLC (moderator)
  • Marie Trexler, Director of Entrepreneur Services at Astia and Board of Directors for StartOUT
  • Regan Carrizales, CEO of Silicon Prairie News
  • Angela Benton, Creator of NewME Accelerator & Conference, Founder & CEO of Black Web Media
  • Jesse Martinez, Founder of Latino Startup Alliance
  • Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com with Frank Gruber, CEO and Co-Founder of TechCocktail (moderator) 
  • Steve Case, Chairman & CEO of Revolution LLC, Chairman of the Case Foundation, Chairman of UP Global with Marc Nager, CEO and Founder of UP Global 
  • Lesa Mitchell, VP Innovation & Networks at The Kauffman Foundation (moderator)
  • Mike Macadaan, Co-Founder of Science Inc.
  • Lori Ann Wardi, VP of .CO 
  • Adam Kramer, Director of Entrepreneurship at LV Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Zach Ware, CEO of Project 100
  • Thomas Knoll, Co-Founder and CEO of clippPR.com
  • Jacqueline Jensen, Co-Founder of TicketCake.com
  • Jason Mendenhall, Executive Vice President of Cloud at Switch. 
  • Elisabeth Yarbrough, Director of Digital Marketing & Innovation AMEX Small Bus Unit, OPEN Forum
  • Ruth Hedges, CEO of Unismart Capital Software Inc.



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  • rick passo

    I was so very impressed by the quality of the panels presented by #UPGlobalLIVE here at @sxsw v2v. Indeed, the Kauffman Foundation suite at this conference became my home away from home. Such awesome, creative, caring, inspiring people and causes and such wonderful community building ideas glocally – simultaneously locally and globally.