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JoyfulHelper at RISE@CoCoon


At JoyfulHelper, we believe in equality and professional treatment for migrant domestic workers.  Our mission is to help migrant women lead a happier more meaningful life.  We do this by matching them with employers who will treat them with respect, creating a happy work environment.  We also help them develop new skills and knowledge to empower them to contribute meaningfully when they return to their home country.


We offer our services online, so that we can reach as many people as possible and meet the unique time and internet access challenges faced by domestic workers.


How JoyfulHelper started

Mark and Martin, the cofounders of JoyfulHelper both share a passion for helping society and using technology to improve the lives of others.  JoyfulHelper was born at StartupWeekendHK, when Mark and Martin met and realized they shared the same vision for helping migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong and across Asia.


After StartupWeekendHK they decided to make JoyfulHelper their priority and immerse themselves in the market identifying what are the pain points they could address using technology.


Why did we join RISE@CoCoon?

Joining RISE@CoCoon was a natural progression from StartupWeekendHK, as the focus was on the steps a startup needs to go through at its early stages.  We knew that the program included great mentors and speakers who themselves had successful startups.


With limited capital, we wanted to make sure that we put our attention on the activities that would lead to the greatest growth and impact.


What was the most valuable lesson?

The program provided us with a wealth of resources to prepare for each class with excellent reading, videos, and exercises. We were also introduced to frameworks for managing information and decision making in the formative stages of a startup, with the goal of getting us toward product-market fit.


One of the first frameworks introduced to us was the SPA treatment for segmenting markets, helping us determine their size potential and accessibility. A useful and quick sanity check for any startup!


Who would benefit from attending the next sessions and why?

Entrepreneurship in HK has been thriving recently and the number of startups has been on the rise. Not all succeed because, let’s face it, transforming an idea into a viable product is hard. That is, it is hard without the right tools, frameworks, customer and market focus.


RISE helps early-stage startups validate and fine-tune their idea and design a product that is the right fit for the market. It does so through an extremely thorough use of models and frameworks and also by bringing industry experts sharing their feedback and their recipes for success.


RISE is great for first time entrepreneurs or tech-heavy startups looking for market-driven product direction, as well as anyone looking to practically apply the tools that make businesses focused and successful.


If you have a passion for using technology to help lives of migrant women, and want to contribute to the benefit of society, we are looking to grow our development team.  Contact us at info@joyfulhelper.com.


Post written by the team behind JoyfulHelper.com

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