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This week in the UP community: 

will-emerson14-Year-Old SW Cincinnati winner Emerson Walker raises over $5,000. Our friend Emerson Walker, who we featured on the blog in June, is making headway on his project mPlanner, which won first place at SW Cincinnati. Walker recently set up a Kickstarter campaign, and has already surpassed his $5,000 goal, raising $5,942 with 12 days left to go. Read about his funding plans on the mPlanner blog here.

You can donate to his Kickstarter campaign here and read more about his project here.

Startup Weekend team Rover signs 3.5 Million partnership deal with Petco. Rover, much like an ‘airbnb for dogs,’ is growing rapidly across the US. “The startup says that it operates across the US with more than 150,000 users, 25,000 approved dog sitters, all in 4,300 cities. For some dog owners, finding a responsible and safe place to house their beloved animal while they’re away can be a rather stressful time. Some may even think that going to Petco is rather expensive — but now Rover.com being promoted by the retailer, customers could have an alternative option that matches their checkbooks” (via The Next Web). 

Another Voice: Entrepreneurship in Baghdad in Huffington Post 

Sheikh Shuvo, Regional Manager at UP Global, writes of his time in Baghdad with Startup Weekend, “Of course, real barriers exist in Baghdad that few other entrepreneurs image (1)around the world face. Yet, this event was a simple, but powerful validation of both the depth of talent within Baghdad and the huge, untapped demand from the community for opportunities to unleash creative energies. To keep this fire blazing and transform the World’s narrow and incomplete image of Baghdad, Startup Weekend events can be a beginning, but more is needed.” Read the full article here.

People Power: Organizing Entrepreneurial Communities in Huffington Post 

Keith Armstrong, Director of NEXT at UP Global, says, “It is incredible to watch the sparks of serendipity that fly when a single global community, who are passionate about the same topic, come together. I believe the community of Startup Organizers to be the most honest, insightful, and giving of people, and they define the direction of grassroots entrepreneurial education. Our interpersonal relationships with each other serve as the bonds between different communities across the globe.” Read the full article here.


Building Great Founding Teams in Huffington Post

UP Global board member Steve Blank weighs in on building strong founding teams.  Blank says, “Key attributes of an entrepreneur on a founding team are passion, determination, resilience, tenacity, agility and curiosity. It helps if the team has had a history of working together, but what is essential is mutual respect. And what is critical is trust. You need to be able to trust your co-founders to perform, to do what they say they will, and to have your back. Most startups that fail over team issues fail because co-founders hadn’t dated first, (spent time together in a Startup Weekend, worked together in an incubator, etc.) but instead jumped into bed to start a company. Everyone has ideas. It’s the courage, passion and tenacity of the founding team that turn ideas into businesses.” Read the full article here.


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  • Way to go Emerson!! Keep it going mPlanner. 🙂