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Hello Weekenders,

Since our last post we have had some major developments with the teams…and with that we have had breakthroughs, breakdowns, breakaways – though if only for 10 minutes!

Our participants at the last check in for today (ICYMI: this is where they give us an update on how the team and the idea is travelling) were pumped especially after a few teams were feeling a little deflated from the earlier check in sessions. But this is what a Startup weekend is all about, the highs, lows and in-betweens….a pressure cooker of emotions ready to explode, the secret is not letting the pot spill over.

Social media has been ablaze with activity (and not just by us @startupmackay)..hey it’s our blog so we get to put in a plug here and there…#SWMKY15. All the teams by now should have established their social media presence, and with the brief chat from Marcus earlier today. And when I know the teams pages etc, I will post them in the next blog so you can all follow!

As our teams continue to work into the night, the American market will awaken with these new ideas, and hey! Hopefully pick up all the ideas and everyone becomes that overnight millionaire we all hear about (though Startups know that hard work and determination is not an overnight achievement) if not they all get to go back to the day jobs on Monday, a little tired than normal they will admit.

With now less than 20 hours before presentations, these teams know the pressure is on, though the Mentors are sticking around, and as I type this one participants is leaving the building obviously taking Marcus’ advice and getting some sleep, that or home to code!

For this event blogger, it’s still exciting, little teams sitting in corners whispering ideas and new ways of presenting, I hear something about validation and niche market, so they are starting to use the cool lingo!

Tomorrow is a big day, and I will fill you all in as the day progresses.

For all the inside and behind the scene action #SWMKY15 will find us!

Till next post

#SWMKY15 team.

Joel Cox