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Lean Startup Concept

Lean Startup concept is using limiting resources (including time) in creating a minimal viable product (MVP).

Compare to the past startup concept, one might consider themselves with a start of an unprecedented idea, and boldly invested capital from friends, family, and bank financing. However, what if your idea is not accepted by the market, is there a better way to validate your idea and product? Is there a more creative way to execute your startup idea?

The most valuable element in the Lean Startup concept is “Validation”: to make a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). Perhaps this prototype is not the most beautiful, does not provide the perfect users experience, but to take advantage of how this MVP can solve real customer problems. When the MVP helps to resolve audience aching “pain points,” the person will be willing to provide funding or resources to assist the entire team to complete the project because “you solve his problem.” In this way, the project can be validated by the market, and verify your product has actual demands.

In the Lean Startup Process, we must continue to test, and make iterations in order to resolve the consumers’ real problems. This can be done by the power of the Internet to gather relevant information, which cannot be done quickly in the past, more traditional business model. Verify and adjust, and revalidation until the final product is complete, the essence of the “quick iteration” is the new essence of entrepreneurship. This entrepreneurial logic was difficult to execute before the Internet, in other words, “Lean Startup” is a new thinking logically Internet Age.

Mark Chang