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Vimla Appadoo – Programme Director at Dotforge Impact, Service Designer and Community Manager at FutureEverything

I’ve worked with tech startups for the past three years, helping them to figure out the steps they need to make on their startup journey, and using Human Centered Design to do so.

For me, mentoring means quite a few different things and I’ll explain why here:

1. Sharing is caring

Mentoring isn’t just a one way conversation. When you mentor, you gain as much insight as you’re able to give and for me mentoring is another channel to expand my horizons, learn from people and give and take some great advice at the same time. Mentoring is a great way to share your knowledge, but equally any startups at Startup Weekend should question any advice they’re given! It’s a great way to learn collaboratively and make the best decisions for your startup over the weekend.

2. It’s fun

Startup weekends are so. Much. Fun.

They really are. There’s a great buzz, so much excitement and it’s great way to spend a weekend. You get to meet so many incredible people, build innovative startups and you could find your way on a team that builds something great. As a mentor, it’s exciting being able to be a part of the journey, to be able to give a little bit of help and support. It really is just so much fun.

3.  You never know who you’ll meet

I’m driven by helping people and there’s no better place to meet and talk to exciting and interesting people than at a Startup Weekend. It’s a melting pot of creativity, innovation and inspiration. You might meet the next founder of an amazing startup, new friends or even your new business partners. The options are limitless and you get to make so many great connections.

So, they’re all of the main reasons why I mentor. I’ll be sharing some Design Thinking skills, and Human Centered Design to help you figure out your market fit.

I hope to see you there next weekend!

Helena Habdija