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Techstars Startup Weekend is globally famous because of its unique learning experience. Attendees start with an idea followed by finding co-founders to develop their prototypes, having their first customers and pitching their business in front of investors, just in 54 hours. Participants experience a bit of every aspect of building a real startup. They learn how to create a business model, validate it, identify target market, understand financials and create the MVP of their product or service. For some people this is just an introduction towards entrepreneurship…

Today, the 12th edition of Startup Weekend Brussels was organised with the support of the Solvay Brussels School and the help of students of the Advanced Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. We are thankful to have them on board as partners, as we are so aligned with their goal of encouraging young students and aspiring entrepreneurs to enter the market and be successful by making a positive change.

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management together with MIP Politecnico di Milano offer a unique 1 year advanced master program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship which takes aspiring entrepreneurs through the whole process of creating the next big startup. Starting in Milan, participants of the program learn the basics of business strategy, startup financing, leadership, design thinking and marketing followed by another semester at Solvay Brussels School with courses exploring deeper into innovation processes, business intelligence and detailed financial planning.

Complementing all these academic courses, students get involved in the unique experience of building their own startups through the year-long New Venture Lab course. World class professors and mentors guide teams of students towards bringing their value to the target market while creating a feasible, actionable business model, worthy of raising venture capital funding.

Elena Tosheva Elena Tosheva
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