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Who doesn’t love ice cream?! Especially ice cream that is made with liquid nitrogen and is full of great causes! Nice Modern Creamery, Michigan’s first nitrogen creamery, packs goodness and doing good into every bite!
Participants at our upcoming Startup Weekend Detroit for Social Entrepreneurs will be able to sample Nice’s awesome ice cream and learn more about how this local social enterprise is delivering their do-good mission and making money on Saturday afternoon for our Nice Cream Social! 
So what does Founder Dan Bora have to say about social enterprise?
What is Nice Modern Creamery?
Nice is the nickname of our ice cream created by merging Nitrogen & Ice cream but we wanted it to be way more than that.  Nice Modern Creamery is a movement “to be nice” to others.  So we wanted to folks to come in our store and experience something beautiful and meaningful at every level. So we want Nice to be the most meaningful dessert experience in the world. From when you walk in the door and see our reclaimed wood on the walls to our Cup for Cup initiative which saves lives by providing clean water to families in African tribes – all this before you even see the awesome process of making the fresh ice cream.  So we strive to make the most unique flavors all made to order as you wait with the freshest local ingredients we can get our hands on.  This is why “we believe dessert can change the world”. We’re on a mission bigger than ourselves.
What advice would you give to budding social entrepreneurs?
Go with your heart, be passionate and get others to be passionate with you. If you’re not passionate about your product/cause, neither will your customers.
Why is it important to support social enterprise?
Well I have my own personal convictions rooted in Christianity,  but everyone needs to find those for themselves.  I think its just the right thing to do… the world needs people that will step up and not only look out for themselves but care about others and their needs. For my partners and I, giving to others has been part of our fabric from the very beginning of being in business.
Businesses can be more powerful than charities for doing great things in the world because they are not always running on paper thin margins like many non-profits. In addition, many businesses engage with customers/supporters in a much more natural way than non-profits do and in result can influence them for good.
Why is Nice Modern Creamery excited to support Startup Weekend and other social entrepreneurs?
My partners and I are entrepreneurs at heart and have always enjoyed investing in others and pushing them forward to the next level. We also believe that each person has a gift/talent and the world is a better place when a person finds that talent and uses it. I think Startup Weekend is such a huge stepping stone for entrepreneurs, I have loved the idea from the very beginning I’ve first heard of it.  On top of it all, in order for Detroit to emerge back to an economic power on the US map, it needs smart, driven entrepreneurs.  Startup Weekend just fit really well with NMC overall mission of spreading the “be nice” movement.
Check out Nice Modern Creamery:
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