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Gaurabh Mathure is Creative Director at R/GA, a design nerd, and an avid traveler. With 10 years of experience, he has deep expertise in creating compelling digital experiences that influence user behavior, and create business impact.

Having lived and worked in various geographies from India, Denmark, UK and the US, Gaurabh brings a unique global perspective to every team he works with. His work has shaped the product and service experiences for various brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Kodak, Nike, Google & Fossil.

He believes that good products encourage long term engagement between consumers & products. The projects he has led have ranged from designing the digital experience for Nike+, an activity tracking platform and social network that empowers people to stay active, a smart kitchen appliance that learns from user behavior and the redesign of a stock trading platform to empower traders to make better, informed decisions.

In addition to designing for big brands, Gaurabh has been immersed in startups (in India & US) as an advisor and a hands-on expert. Working with the founders, he helps envision, grow and sustain new business ideas through design.

Gaurabh will be coming to Startup Weekend Georgetown this coming weekend, at Wisma Yeap Chor Ee. He will be mentoring teams at the workshop, catch the chance to talk to Gaurabh about his expertise.

See you there!

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