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Capturing people’s attention is not an easy task, particularly in a very competitive environment as it is during the Startup Weekend. When surrounded by fierce entrepreneurs and disruptive innovators, you’ll have to stand out to gather the best team around you! Therefore, you need to prepare yourself to face the crowd and pitch your business idea. Here are three pieces of advice that will help you make a great first impression.



Be your brand

You have a great idea, you are an awesome entrepreneur, become your brand! Decide who you want to be seen as and become this person. Start with an eye-catching outfit or flyer or object that will help you get the crowd’s attention. Use a simple design that would give a clear vision of your project and helps to define your idea easily. On stage, you’ll begin your branding and lay the foundations for your logo, website and business card. And doing so you will help your audience form opinions about you and start building your reputation.


Get your story ready

Every company is based on a story, so write and use your own story to introduce your mission, core values and vision to your public. Storytelling isn’t making up facts! It is about bringing your business idea to life and explaining why it matters to you and others. Using a story is a clever way to package your message and explore different angles when addressing to different crowds. It is also a good way to create emotions and connect with your target group. Make sure to keep your story interesting and relevant and don’t forget to stay positive, remembering to highlight the benefits of your business or idea.


Pitch like a boss

Make sure you know who you are talking to (future employees, potential clients or investors) and how much they know about you, so that you can adapt your pitch. At the Startup Weekend, likely no-one knows you yet – the challenge is high! Be straight to the point, coherent and clear. Make your target audience know about you, your offer, your characteristics and interact with them to better understand their needs. Practice your speech beforehand so you can develop your story, values and solution in one minute. If you make it, you win!



In a nutshell, train yourself to make a short presentation of your business idea using stories and visual elements to support your speech. At 99designs, we help thousands of entrepreneurs everyday to build their brand identity. Find inspiration on 99designs today and get a free design consultation on your brand identity. We wish you a great first impression during the Startup Weekend and loads of fun!


Camille Franc | Marketing Manager France99Designs

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