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Written by Antonis Spyridakis


In my personal opinion, when you’re building a community the most important thing to take into consideration is the concept of listening. Well, after several questions regarding an elevator pitch I decided to write down all the essential elements you need, to have killer elevator pitch at Startup Weekend Kavala.


What is an elevator pitch?

After a lot of digging, I found this short definition on startuprunner.comAn “elevator pitch” is a concise, well-practiced description of your startup and your plan, delivered with conviction and enthusiasm. That description must be comprehensible even by your mother in the time it would take to ride up an elevator. (via startuprunner.com).

Let’s talk about the rules of Startup Weekend Kavala.

You have already generated a brilliant idea, you have booked your ticket and you need a good preparation before the event. Right?

We have two basic rules for Friday evening. First, you have only one minute to present your brilliant idea in front of your potential partners. Guess what … You cannot use slides, but only verbal communication. You’re going to use your public speaking skills. Are you ready?

At this point, we should make clear the most important goal of your elevator pitch. 

Keep in mind that you arent going to pitch your idea in front of potential investors. Youre going to pitch your idea in front of your potential co-founders. You’re trying to persuade them to join your team.

Imagine now that you are on stage. Let’s get started!


Who you are 


Introduce yourself and your background in one sentence. Describe what you are doing very well. Be clear. For example, “Hello, I am John. I am a savvy marketer with advanced storytelling skills.” Your potential co-founders must know about your skills and your background.


  Identify the problem you solve.

 Describe the problem that you can solve. What are the needs of your potential customers? State them precisely. For example: “Nowadays, flat owners cannot manage easily their flats on Airbnb due to lack of time”.


 Describe your solution  

 Share your solution with your potential co-founders. What kind of product or service are you going to offer to your future clients? What is your value proposition? For example, a web platform called flatbnb is going to help all flat owners with their flat management through guest check-in & check-out, cleaning services and listing management on several platforms like Airbnb, booking.com etc.



This is your last point. You must mention your needs. What kind of people do you need to turn your idea into reality? For example, I need one ninja web developer to create the web platform and one designer with colorful ideas to design the web platform.


 You’re completely ready for a killer elevator pitch now! Don’t forget! Practice, practice, practice! Prepare your speech and ask for feedback. Your friends and your family could help you on this!

 Need more inspiration for your elevator pitch? Watch an excellent elevator pitch. 







Antonis Spyridakis