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This blog post is part of a serie of three. They aim at showing you what are the kind of tools that will be available for the event and how to get ready to use them. This first one will talk about the Starter Kits. The second one will present the Sigfox technology that you will have the luck to try out during the weekend. The third one present the 3D Printers by Dagoma that you will learn to use during this weekend. Also, we know you can’t wait for the event, and so do we. We had so much we wanted to talk about that we are going to blog about it all week long ! LET’S GO !

We are glad to work with Snootlab for this event. They are an awesome team of Maker’s supporting the Open Hardware and making it easy to everyone to be provided with great hardware. Their Starter Kits are made to satisfy as well a beginner thirsty of discovering what Digital Manufacturing and the maker’s movement but also to provide anything an advanced Maker needs. There will be 10 Kits on the event. All of them are going to be based on those so, let’s begin with them !

The Starter Kits

They come up with all you need for small electronic. From resistor to capacitor, all the wires and even some small captors, also a breadboard and an LCD Screen. They are packed with an awesome box suited for this. The kit is made for the awesome Mooc de la Fabrication Numerique by Telecom Bretagne : http://snoot.it/mooc1

You can also learn some first steps using Snootlab forum : http://forum.snootlab.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=1100

Find more on Snootlab’s : http://snootlab.com/shields-snootlab/653-starter-kit-mooc-sans-arduino-fr.html


Raspberry Pi 2 Type B

This is the new Rockstar on the IoT scene. The Raspberry Pi fondation agreed to make an awesome piece of hardware based on a multi-core ARMv7. Packing a lot of USB port and an HDMI output, this is still the thing you want to hack your home.
There is many reason to use it. You want to have enough computing power to host an AI in your house and control everything. Or you have a SysAdmin background and would rather compile a debian kernel and then make a `sudo apt-get install tons of shit` rather than write some C code and ship it to an Arduino. Also, this thing can run Windows 10 IoT Core. There is a preview available there : https://ms-iot.github.io/content/GetStarted.htm

Raspberry Pi’s does not comes with a Starter Kit. That’s only for duino’s 😛
Find more on Snootlab’s : http://snootlab.com/raspberry-pi/876-kit-raspberry-pi-2-modele-b-arm-v7-1g-ram-accessoires-fr.html

rapsberry Pi 2

SparkFun’s Redboard – Arduino

This is the coolest custom arduino. This board is about being the simplest and stablest one. It does also have a Red PCB that give it a lot of swag, but it’s not enough. It does have a mini-USB B port that make it easier to use than the big ugly USB C of the Arduino Uno. So what ? It’s very similar to a Uno, it does support every Rev 3 Shield and maybe future shields that could be imagined. Even in the IDE, you select Arduino Uno in the Board menu

When to use it ? You don’t need an heavy duty truck. This board is only going to read on some captors and then send it somewhere in the cloud ? This is the shit you need. It’s easy to power and ship your code on it. Arduino is basically the PaaS of connected objects. Write some code and push it to the hardware. Unplug the wire and don’t worry about it never again.


Learn more about it on Sparfun’s blog : https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/redboard-vs-uno
There is even a youtube video about it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=205&v=su0sYPqyV_w

Arduino Due

While the provisioning on Arduino maybe broken because of some sad stories about there founding team, we have you backed with 3 Arduino Due.
Arduino Due is a great alternative to the Arduino Uno. It’s run an ARM microchip and has a lot of computing power while still supporting the Arduino Rev 3 Shields. It’s definitely a great choice if you think you are going to do data processing on the fly and want to ship your code easily using the Arduino plateform. This is the big arduino !

There is many particularities about this one, learn more on : http://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoDue


How do you feel about it ? Are you ready ? Next post coming soon !

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