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This blog post is part of a serie of three. They aim at showing you what are the kind of tools that will be available for the event and how to get ready to use them. This first one will talk about the Starter Kits. The second one will present the SIGFOX technology that you will have the luck to try out during the weekend. The third one present the 3D Printers from Dagoma that you will learn to use during this weekend. Also, we know you can’t wait for the event, and so do we. We had so much we wanted to talk about that we are going to blog about it all week long ! LET’S GO !


This post aim at making you familiar with Dagoma’s 3D Printer, the Discovery200. Giving you the key to get started at printing like a pro.

If there is only one thing you have to remember about it : 3D Printing require no background, the Discovery200 is there to make it easy to everyone.


Dagoma is a Startup based in Tourcoing, near Lille. They aim at putting a 3D Printer in every hand. To achieve this they made this model. It’s mainly composed of 3D Printed parts which give it a plastic playschool aspect. The model in itself is rather tiny. You can place it on a small table or on the corner of your desk. But yet the 3D Printing volume is huge. It’s 20cmx20cmx20cm. This is  huge.

You can see most part in it and this is a key aspect of the product. To get familiar with 3D Printing, the first step is to get familiar with each part of it and what it can be used to.


Why is the Discovery 200 awesome ?

Dagoma’s is not made to be a productive tool or an high-end 3D Printer. It’s made to be a pedagogical tool. If you ever think « 3D Printing is to complex, I don’t know how to get started », it’s easy, get started with a Discovery 200. Thus a main part of the product is in Dagoma’s relationship with you. They are not just selling you a 3D Printer, they are following you in using it.
Matthieu, who will be there with his 3D Printers, this weekend answered to the question « Why is Dagoma’s awesome ? »  without even having to think about it : « Because Dagoma is always there when you need ».

Matthieu introducing the Discovery 200 to a SWLille's Team in February
Matthieu introducing the Discovery 200 to a SWLille’s Team in February

But on my geek side, I would have tons of other ideas. Because Dagoma’s tools are mainly forked from OpenSource model and is itself OpenSourced, it fits perfectly in the 3D Printing ecosystem and many resource from the 3D Printing Community are available to you.

Because the Discovery 200 is a Beta product. It mean that you will have updates for it. It’s like when your iPhone app get an update. You receive a mail from Matthieu telling you that a new version of the Discovery 200 is available. There is files of new parts to print and a guide to upgrade it.

Oh yeah, Dagoma can ship it as part. You receive it and you assemble it. If you want to learn 3D Printing this awesome. You have to assemble each part of the printer. You learn to name each part and to understand how they work before even printing.

Getting Started with the Discovery 200

Here are a few tips provided by Matthieu to get started.

« Keep in mind that the main objective is to get familiar with each part of the printer in order to understand how it works. » This is the secret of every 3D Printing master. This allow them to understand each model, and get the most of it, get the best 3D Printed results. To achieve this now, a good way is to read the assembly notice : http://www.dagoma.fr/tutoriels/notice-de-montage-discovery200/

« Just use Cura by Dagoma »
Cura is the software provided by Dagoma to drive the 3D Printer. « Use Cura and don’t think about anything else ». Yes, Cura is easy to use and easy to get started. Get it there : http://www.dagoma.fr/tutoriels/mise-a-jour-de-cura-by-dagoma/

« Stay next to the printer when it begins ». Be cautious with it. Make sure that everything is going well. « If required, optimize the first shape, then watch it grow ». This is where the magical thing happen. The part you are printing is going to grow from bottom to top.


You can learn more about Dagoma and order a Discovery 200 for 300€ on : http://dagoma.fr/

See you soon !

Damien Cavaills