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We’re almost half-way through the 54 hour weekend. 35 ideas were pitched on Day 1, 12 got the most votes to proceed into the weekend and 11 teams were formed.

We’ve seen pivots on the back of the Lean Business Canvas session presented by Dermot Cassey of the NDRC. We’ve also got amazing mentors come in to help the teams think through areas ranging from branding and customer acquisition to product-market fit and user experience.

Validation is now top of mind for all with the teams hitting the streets and the web via polls to run customer interviews. I can’t wait to see these ideas pitched on the main stage tomorrow but for now, here are the idea and teams at the summer 2017 edition for Startup Weekend Dublin — #SWDub.


Reach Comics – a subscription service for indie comics and a focus on fairness for creatives


Jukebox Pro – increasing visibility for indie music artists through in-game streaming


Passion Fruit – a chatbot that matches job seekers to their dream job by quantifying their passion


Host Sitter – building a base of service provider to manage short-term property rentals


Super T – fixing drug adherence among kids using 3-D printing


AdvenTours – personalised travel guide for the adventurous ones


Grewgle – Subscriptions for Hydroponic farming kit


Flightswitch – An easy way to sell and buy last minute flight cancellations


Meeting Master – Fixing meetings to deliver better tracking and productivity.


Codejobs – An IT recruitment platform that does precision matches saving time and money


Barchaser – fixing the user experience at Bars while providing better exposure for brands

That’s it for now. We power on into the second half of the 54-hours. And don’t forget…

Nubi Kay
(@nubikay) Passionate about Startups. Co-founded Nigeria’s first online takeaway site and now helping entrepreneurs get started at Stripe.