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Awapatent is among the leading IP firms in Europe and with multiple offices in Scandinavia, they are also a partner with a strong domestic understanding.


From Awapatent there is Sidsel Hauge coming as a mentor for the participants during Startup Weekend Copenhagen on Saturday, November 22nd. She will help the startups to understand the value they can create by applying an IP (intellectual property) strategy.

If you want to have more insight into what Awapatent is working with, you can always read their reviews. In the latest AWA Review, #1 2014, you can find “A story about the ancient Greeks, hot dogs and patentability of software in Europe” by Lasse Henze.

With more than 100 years history Awapatent is a strong partner to have on your side for your venture. Join Us for Startup Weekend Copenhagen and learn a lot more about Awapatent and how they help secure startups in their venture: http://bit.ly/1syk7jq

Bibiana Kysuck‡,bibianakysucka@yahoo.com