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Dulce Lada- The Debonair Woman in Black!


Dulce Lada is passionate about community building, fostering entrepreneurship, photography and a good cup of tea!

In one word, this woman is a ‘virtuoso’. She is our Co- Facilitator for the first ever Women Edition of  Techstars Global Startup Weekend Dubai. As the  Marketing Manager of  Womena, an investment and media platform focused on increasing diversity, female representation and equity,  which amplifies stories of ‘trailblazers’ like herself, and with the Womentum start-up accelerator of Womena , she is creating a niche in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Having facilitated, organized, mentored, and judged in several Startup Weekends in the past, this one is  her dream edition!  Amidst the frenzy of last-minute checks,  she still made it to have a chat with us and here’s sharing her insights. This one’s a MUST-READ!

Q1)  What is something startup enthusiasts with prior experience miss out during their preparation for pitches that you believe should be considered?

When pitching your idea, think about who your judges (or potential investors) are. Be prepared with a pitch that speaks their language. Don’t overwhelm them with buzzwords and jargon because you only have a few minutes to impress them. Practice. Practice.

Q2) What are some things that amateur candidates should know to gain an edge over experienced start-up applicants?

Every Startup Weekend event is unique, so even if you are new in the startup scene, you are on equal footing with others.

Be coach-able and ask for feedback. We have mentors coming over the weekend to help you validate, develop and test your startup idea. Don’t be afraid to pivot.

Q3)  What is your advice to all the women applicants who are not from the Business, Finance and Technology Sector,  but would love to experience this?

Just do it! Startup Weekend is not just for those who are in the business, finance and technology sectors; it is open to anyone who wants to solve a problem. Come and learn new things and be open to new opportunities.

Q4) Any myths about Start-up Competitions that you would like to bust?

“I don’t want to pitch my idea because someone might steal it.” I’ve heard this a lot from people who are new in the startup ecosystem. Little do they know that it’s not about the idea but it’s all about execution and Startup Weekend is an excellent place for you to validate those fresh ideas. 

Thanks so much, Dulce 🙂

TGSW Team loves your ever-radiant smile, altruistic spirit and joie de vivre!


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