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On behalf of the StartupWeekend Space Team, I would like to introduce you to one of our mentors, Katherine Pegg. She will work intimately with you and your team, disseminating her knowledge and experiences, making sure you and your team will be successful.

Katherine Pegg

Katherine Pegg, Project Manager of Advanced Projects at Airbus DS in Bremen, manages a portfolio of human spaceflight, on-orbit servicing and debris removal projects. In this role, she has one foot in the engineering arena and the other in business development, proposing and developing new projects. Over the past year, she has worked on MPCV-ESM future missions, e.deorbit, the DLR EML2 Free Flyer study, and has developed innovative human spaceflight technologies, infrastructures and business strategies. She is also managing a number of her own proposed technical innovation and business intrapreneurship projects.

After studying and training in Australia, the USA, India and Europe, Katherine began her career as a Mission Systems Engineer with Airbus DS in Stevenage, developing future Earth Observation, Science and Exploration missions. For the ESA Marshopper study, she was responsible for the vehicle system engineering and also designed a new ISRU system to liquefy carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere. She was also a systems engineer for the Wavemill mission concept to measure ocean surface currents, managed the Airbus DS contribution to the ESA Modular Systems of Microsystems project and was a thermal architect on the Lisa Pathfinder mission. Additionally, she coordinated and assessed innovation projects in her role as an Earth Observation, Navigation & Science (ENS) Innovation Coordinator for the Stevenage site.

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