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On behalf of the StartupWeekend Space Team, I would like to introduce you to one of our mentors, Silje Bareksten. She will work intimately with you and your team, disseminating her knowledge and experiences, making sure you and your team will be successful.

Silje Bareksten

Silje has broad experience within startups and entrepreneurship; having engaged in starting several ventures in IT and tech, practicing entrepreneurship within established organizations and working with technology transfer processes taking top science from research to business. Her educational and professional background is in the crossing between science, technology and business with a BSc in Marketing and business development, a MSc in Science and Technology and a range of finance subjects. Silje is a specialist in merging tech solutions with business and commercial processes providing tactical and strategic advice. She also holds a BSc in Psychology and a coaching degree.

StartupWeekend Space is supported by the City of Bremen, the European Space Agency, Airbus Defence and Space, HE-Space, Design & Data, Space Angels Network, Startupbootcamp – Smart Transportation & Energy, Die Sparkasse Bremen, ZARM, Hill Media, as well as Up Global, a non-profit organization connecting a global community of entrepreneurs across all topics. The organization is headquartered in Seattle, US and is considered a hub for entrepreneurial space.

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