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On behalf of the StartupWeekend Space Team, I would like to introduce you to one of our mentors, Tanay Sharma. He will work intimately with you and your team, disseminating his knowledge and experiences, making sure you and your team will be successful.

Tanay Sharma

Dr. Tanay Sharma (Tan) currently works as a Systems Administrator and is based at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom. He previously conducted technical research and sales in London, where he focused on providing bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions to commercial airlines based within the EMEA region.

Tanay has an undergraduate degree in computer systems engineering and a PhD in space systems, where he focused the use of magnetic levitation and propulsion technologies to enable horizontal take-off and landing for commercial space vehicles.

His research has focused on key issues related to the future growth of the aerospace domain. His research interests span from space situational awareness, use of satellite technology for disaster mitigation and management to international and domestic policy issues that directly affect the space sector.

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