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Galway is hosting the first ever Food and Technology Startup Weekend in Ireland! This is a fantastic opportunity to combine your love of technology and food, build a team, and launch a startup in 54 hours. This week, we are going to talk about 3 successful food start-ups in Ireland to inspire you guys in the lead up to our first ever food & tech startup weekend on the 8-10th April.

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So as mentioned by Olivia in last weeks blog.  Dublin, Ireland-based startup FoodCloud is making waves globallybeing named as one if the top 10 FoudTech companies worldwide!! What a shout out to these amazing Irish female co-founder’s Aoibheann O’Brien and Iseult Ward who came together in 2012 to create #foodcloud when they were just students!

Aoibheann and Iseult were named Ireland’s top young social entrepreneurs in 2014 and went on to the Google Adopt a Start-up Programme in 2015, this highlights the interest in #foodtech and why we should not be ignoring the potential for #FoodTech companies in Ireland! So what are you waiting for – have an idea? Want to be part of a team? Get your tickets here.


Drop is a physical product – an iPad-connected kitchen scale shaped like a drop – and the recipe platform Harris mentions. Where it really gets clever is in the many ways you can interact with it while you cook or make cocktails.

It is incredibly difficult to create a hardware start up that comes out of Ireland but that is exactly what Ben Harris, Jonny McCauley and Jack Phelan have done with their connected weighing scales. Any company that can get their product stocked in Apple retail stores is onto something massive.


Founded by Dr Nora Khaldi, Nuritas is creating controversial waves in the food scene by combining artificial intelligence with molecular biology.

Nuritas is building a food database to identify peptides — certain types of molecules in food products — that could be used as supplements or new ingredients.

This isn’t just adding protein powder to a shake. Instead, Nuritas is identifying various peptides that can change how a food reacts to the body. For example, in an interview with Tech Europe, its founder Dr. Nora Khaldi envisioned a cereal bar designed to control Type 2 diabetes, or a cream with added anti-aging ingredients discovered by the company.

We love being inspired by Start-ups especially the ones in FoodTech!  We would love to know which FoodTech start up inspires you!


We are excited to see what happens when you put techies, foodies, designers and business development gurus into a room together for 54hours! So get your ticket to the first ever food & tech startup weekend in Ireland.

Tickets are available here.

Find out more about Startup Weekend Galway at:http://www.up.co/communities/ireland/galway/startup-weekend/8220.

Ashlee Chin