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Initially setting out to solve India’s education problems, entrepreneur and philanthropist Casey Allred found an entirely different issue in the process – now he has 30 days on the internet to save India’s trafficked girls.

Risking all professionally and personally, Allred is turning to Kickstarter.com to finish a film on the untold story of sex trafficking victims. Giving a voice to the victims of India’s trafficking trade, he has 30 days to gain support from the online community and fundraise the project. Watch the trailer below.

Stolen Innocence Trailer

Starting August 7th, the project has until September 7th 23.59 PST reach the goal of
$100k. If the full amount isn’t achieved, the film gets no funding. This all or nothing
approach is risky, but keeps momentum high.

Allred notes, ‘It is scary, but it’s the best platform for us. We have faith that people will support this cause and help us save these girls’.

Allred’s international story starts in 2010, when he set up Effect.org, a non profit providing education to India’s children. The problem was dire, with India home to 38% of the world’s illiterate people. Whilst in college, Allred and a small team successfully built a school in north India. The school has over 100 pupils and functions well to this day. With the intention of scaling his business model and increasing schools, Allred noticed a troubling trend – a decrease in numbers of female students.

He learned that schools and families were losing their girls to the sex trafficking trade. With the world’s largest trafficking ring operating in India, the problem was substantial.

UP Global, Stolen Innocence

UP Global, Stolen Innocence

The issue quickly became personal to Allred. Learning that education is the best proven way to prevent trafficking, bringing these issues together was crucial. Allred teamed up with award winning filmmaker Chris Davis to give the girls of the sex trafficking trade a voice, with a documentary spanning India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

However, fighting for the exploited has not been easy, even stateside. A Rigby, Idaho native, Allred has self-funded the project so far, and risked homelessness by moving to San Francisco for the cause – the best location for fundraising. When filming in India, exposing this industry presents constant risks to Allred and Davis’ safety, as well as deportation from a country they love.

When asked why he’s doing this, Allred responds, ‘We all have the power within us to save these girls. Bringing this film to the masses is a step toward achieving that. Helping just one girl would make it all worth it’

In conjunction with the kickstarter campaign Stolen Innocence is using #giveheravoice on Instagram and Twitter to share stories of worldwide female injustice. Those interested in supporting the film can learn more and view the trailer here: www.stolendocumentary.com

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  • amanda koster

    Beautifully revolting story and well done. What will be the audiences call to action? When we leave the screen, we will want to do something. What can we do? Will that be answered in this film?

    • Casey Allred

      Hi Amanda, the producer here of Stolen Innocence. Great questions! Yes! When viewers leave the film we will give them functional 21st century tools to fight for these girls; petitions towards the Indian Govt, pressure on the UN and the US govt to do more. The proceeds from this film (when it’s finished) will be going to nonprofit Effect.org to open more schools in high risk areas in India.