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Hello everyone!

Only one month is left for our amazing Startup Weekend in Milton Keynes. It is planned for 27th of November 2015, in our new incubator called InnovateMK (401 Grafton Gate).

But what is the purpose of a Startup Weekend?
Why do you have to attend at all?

And most importantly – who should attend a SW and why?

Well, during a Startup Weekend a number of people are gathered in the venue on a Friday. These people could be software developers/engineers, marketeers, managers, designers. Some of them pitch their startup ideas. In continuation they start attracting other startup weekend attendees. They form a number of teams. Each team works on the initial idea of its “leader” in order to present it on Sunday. During Saturday they all work together with the help of mentors, in order to prepare their final pitch. On Sunday the ideas are presented and a judging committee decides which one should win the prize.

The teams go through a learning and creating process, while they also learn how to cooperate and exchange ideas. They also have to compete to other teams, so each member has to practice and improve their skills in order to be able to “beat” the others. The whole process is a miniature of a business ecosystem and is definitely helping the SW attendee to be able to stand better in a crowd of competitive entrepreneurs.

But this is not as good as it gets. There is a prize! The prize is either a certain amount of money – or a free hosting in an incubator for 1-4 months. In our case, we will provide facilities that enable the launch of a startup company (such as free hosting in our incubator) for a certain amount of time.

Thank you for reading and of course stay tuned for our new announcements!

Soon judges and mentors to be announced!

Startup Weekend Milton Keynes
November 27th, 2015
InnovateMK, 401 Grafton Gate, Milton Keynes


Dafni Vlachou