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My advice to a few teams during pitch practice was this:

1st minute:

  • Introduce big problem
  • Tell me how ‘painful’ and big that is
  • Tell me how you know it’s such a big problem
  • i.e. what validation have you done to find out
  • Actual numbers not %

2nd and 3rd minute

  • Show me your solution to this big problem
  • Do this by walking me through your product using a user/customer as an example Show me, don’t tell me

4th minute

  • Tell me how you turn this into a business
  • How big is the market locally *and* globally
  • This validates it really is a big problem
  • Tell me how you make money from it
  • I’m more interested in acquisition cost per user and projected lifetime revenue per user than detailed 3 year plans
  • Tell me how you know these numbers are right
  • i.e. show more validation
  • If you have time, tell me why your idea is better than everyone else doing this
  • I’ve been a judge before and yes, we will be googling other solutions to this problem during your final pitches

5th minute

  • Talk about the educational impact (not just social impact)
  • Summarise what you’re doing again
  • Remind me the 2-3 big things I should remember about you

That’s 5 mins

Take that basic framework and put a good story around it to make it unique to your team. Most of you should talk half as fast, and say half as many things.

Focus – for each slide figure out what is the key message you want us to remember about that slide. Or put another way, if you could only say one sentence about that slide, what would it be.

Only have one speaker. Hope this gives you some help this morning for next pitch practice. Outside of these for pitch practices, you should aim to have run through it end to end with your slides probably 10 times at least today before final pitches.

The more confident you are in your content, the more confident your delivery will be. Have fun, I’ll be in after lunch to help with pitches.

By Dan Khan


Monica Tong