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by Shin Liang, participant of Chengdu Startup Weekend

从成都创业周末第一名到Draper University from Mark Koester on Vimeo.

Hello, I’m Liang Xingsheng. I’m a software engineer, so-called code guy. I participated in the first startup weekend in Chengdu. I want to introduce myself, and what happened after Startup Weekend Chengdu.

This is our Startup Weekend team. A very big team, about 10 people, two of which are are programmers. Our team name was TuJiaoJiao. We had a very simple product: a way to put photos together to teach you a new skill.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.08.46 AM

While we won the event, almost like a sign leaving the event, we got into a car accident that night. Luckily, nobody was hurt.

Tianfu ThinkZone gave us some office space – an office for a whole year. Four of us wanted to continue, 3 of us were doing part-time jobs. Another team member had a full time job.

I kept thinking about that car accident, like it was a sign for how our new startup project would be going.

We then decided that we couldn’t continue with this project. First of all, all of us couldn’t put enough time into it, and our target customers weren’t clear. We felt that the project failed.

I participated in the second startup weekend in Chengdu. And at SWCD #2 I met this girl called Dengshun. It’s from her that I learned about Draper University.

Draper university is a 7-week Startup Training Program. It was founded by Tim Draper, a well-known Silicon Valley investor. He invested in Skype, Hotmail, Baidu and Tesla and other well-known companies.

It was from here that I quit my job at Maipu and took a plane to San Francisco.

This is Draper University. It’s not a traditional university. So there aren’t a lot of people. This time there were 30 students. Next time probably around 80 students.

The most amazing thing is Tim Draper invites a lot of renowned guys from Silicon Valley that come and talk with us.

Bill & Tim Draper are pioneers of venture capital. In other words, they invented “VC,” the very concept of venture capital. Teachers taught us that every Monday you wake up if you think “what the hell another monday!”, then don’t waste your time. Do what you love since life is short.

If I hadn’t attended Startup Weekend, there is a good chance I never would have known about Draper University. Everyone said they had attended Startup Weekend at this place or another and what their projects had been. It’s easy to connect with new people about Startup Weekend.

I feel for a guy like me who once had only a work life in Chengdu, Startup Weekend helped me open up and introduced me to the whole reality of the IT Industry. In the end, I recorded a video with my classmates.

To all my peers at Chengdu Startup Weekend, I wish you success. Thanks everyone.

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Chengdu Startup Weekend Add Oil! 成都创业周末 加油!

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