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There are many opinions out there for how to make a pitch: Try not to be nervous, control your hand movements, “don’t just read the slides”), don’t memorize the script word-for word. All this sounds easy enough, but in real-life the situation is usually a bit more complicated. SW Barcelona provides all the tools you need to make sure your presentation to judges, investors, press and clients is always a hit. We’re a group of entrepreneurs who have learned through trial and error, and we’re pleased to share our experiences with you. Here are a few tips for giving the best possible pitch, anywhere in the world:

1- Let Talent Prevail. Presentations should always be given by the team member who is the most naturally talented public speaker. This is not always going to be the CEO or CTO, or the investor, unless that person also has the gift of speech. Entire presentations have been ruined because “the boss” was the facilitator and nobody else questioned it. If you have Rafa Nadal on your team, the tennis match should be played by him even if he’s the one cleaning everything up after all the meetings.

2- Know your audience and adapt. Pitches are often pre-planned and scripted with no regard for the uniqueness of the event, whether it’s at SW Barcelona, to investors in an accelerator, or in presenting your product or company to media. Depending on the audience, each speech is different, the points are different, the structure is different, and the tone is different.

3- Entertain. There are twenty-minute presentations that are exciting and can keep you on the edge of your seat; likewise, many presentations can be so boring that you find yourself looking at your mobile within the first minute. A successful and engaging presentation is like a concert, a play: you’re the star, it’s your time to shine, and you only have a limited amount of time to impress. If you can’t entertain, generate smiles, or capture the attention of your audience and keep it, the loud yawns and sounds of Candy Crush might drown out your voice.

4- Seduce. Yes, you read that right. Seduction is more powerful than merely convincing. Strive to connect, to enchant, to entice your audience with all the reasons why they should love your product. We fall in love with our hearts and not our heads, so use this knowledge to get to the hearts of your listeners. Explain to your audience why you are different and how their lives will change because of your ideas. Master the art of seduction, and people will fall at your feet.

These tips will ensure that your precious few minutes on stage are indeed glorious minutes.

Apply them to your pitches, and we hope to see you at the next SW Barcelona from 12th to June 14th!

Roxana Tarhon