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So here are the most exciting moments of the day: the pitches.


The nervous but excited participants in line for pitching

It all started with a long line with nervous, but excited entrepreneurs. Some of them didn´t even prepare their pitch, but they were pretty good doing it spontaneously. Out of 36 pitches only 11 were chosen and now the different groups are developing their ideas into businesses. And the eleven choosen ideas are…. tan tan tan taaaaannn:

Participants voting for their favorit ideas

  • App where you can compare treatmens and prices from distinct dentists.
  • Club where people can expand taste and knowledge from breweries.
  • com. Exchanging tasks app.
  • Rent a tool. App where you can search for tools.
  • Team work force. Platform to connect unemployed/students/graduates and entrepreneurs/small companies.
  • Skill Swap. Exchanging skills between startups.
  • Language app. Helps to learn a new language in a simple but interactive way.
  • Low cost 3D printing. High customized manufacturing goods.
  • Homemade take away. Get homemade take away food from your living area at a low cost price via an app.
  • Exchange services/products. Shared economy between people through an app where there is no money involved.
  • Gifts worldwide. Send a gift to your family or friends abroad through an app.

We are so exciting to see how all this ideas are going to develop during the weekend and remember that a lot can be done in 54 hours.

By Teresa Santos and Mette Marie Rathmann Erenskjold


Mette-Marie Rathmann Erenskjold