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Qingdao to Host 1st Startup Weekend in Dec


Startup Weekend Qingdao will connect local entrepreneurs
and startup enthusiasts to share ideas and launch companies

Startup Weekend Qingdao is a premier entrepreneurship event designed to connect local entrepreneurs, developers, designers and startup enthusiasts with mentors and resources. The goal is to help transform people’s ideas into real products and companies in one weekend. Startup Weekends have taken place in over 700 cities and 120 countries and the first Startup Weekend in Qingdao will be held December 19th-21st at Tian Cyber Park in the Chengyang District. Throughout the course of the 54-hour event, attendees will share and present ideas, form teams, build and test products, and launch startups.


Leo Chen, a member of the organization committee, said “We are excited to see the ideas from a creative and tech savvy city like Qingdao. As our first event, we are looking forward to bringing together different communities, locals and foreigners as well as technical experts and business people, to celebrate, encourage, and support the technology and startup culture in Qingdao.”

陈巍, 组委会成员之一,这样说到:“看到不同形式的想法将会在像青岛这样充满创造性的科技城市呈现,我们都感到兴奋不已。作为我们的首届活动,我们都很期待搭建的这个平台,可以把不同的社会团体,国内外的技术专家和商业人士,聚集到一起来庆祝、鼓舞和支持科技和青岛的创业文化。”

Here’s how it works:

Friday- Participants pitch their best product ideas in 60 seconds, then assemble into teams with diverse skills sets to bring their ideas to life.


Saturday- Teams build their products, validate their ideas with customers, and pivot their concepts based on what they learn – experienced mentors coach teams and give them guidance.


Sunday- Finish development on your product, prepare minimum viable product and ready your presentation – conclude the day with presentations to a panel of investors and startup founders. Winners are announced and then participants can relax – time for the after party.

Startup veterans and mentors will be on hand throughout the weekend to provide expertise and give talks on their experiences in the fast-paced world of technology startups.


Startup Weekend Qingdao Mentor and Founder of Milestone Investing, Hongbo Gai said “There is a lot of talent in Qingdao, and we expect to see a lot of great ideas. It’s great that this type of event is happening in Qingdao, and I’m happy to be a part of it.”
盖洪波, 青岛创业周末导师和里程碑创投创始人,这样说:“青岛有很多有才华的人,我们期待看到很多伟大的想法。这样的盛会能在青岛举办,真的是太棒了。我也很高兴成为其中一部分。”

Many thanks to our sponsors Tianan Cyber Park, Qingcloud, Mingdao, as well as our community partners, Qingdao Technology Incubator Association, Qingdao Technology
Inventor Association.


Startup Weekend Qingdao will be held on December 19th-21st at Qingdao Tianan Cyber Park. Please register online, and pay to reserve your space.Check out our website (http://www.up.co/communities/china/qingdao-china/startup-weekend/4656) for more information, and pass the info on to anyone you think may be interested or would be a valuable contributor to the event. Support Qingdao’s startup culture!


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