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We are very excited to announce the following prizes for the winners of the Startup Weekend Zurich!

The overall prizes are:


Coaching Creative Hub

Did you know? Creative Hub is the first national platform for the support of Swiss designers in the implementation and commercialisation of their product and business ideas. Creative Hub supports Swiss designers in the promotion and utilisation of their product, service and business ideas.


Coaching wemakeit 

Who is wemakeit? At wemakeit platform, you get the chance to present idea to a large audience and to fund it with the help of countless backers – your friends, your family, fans and our community. At the same time, you can discover projects and join in the effort of putting fresh ideas into action.


99designs  supports Startup Weekend with a voucher to the winning team:

Bronze Logo offering Brand Identity solutions


Swisscom is an established sponsoring partner providing the following vouchers:

1st place: Swisscom vouchers worth in total 1000 CHF

2nd place: Swisscom vouchers worth in total 500 CHF

3rd place: Swisscom vouchers worth in total 250 CHF



Big thank you to sponsors for providing great prizes!




Anja Mihaldinec