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We are excited to announce the eleven companies that will be joining #propUP Techstars Startup Program powered by MTR in Hong Kong.

In less than three months, we have 132 promising companies all over the world applied to the program. The selected eleven companies represent a mix of entrepreneurs, products and industries, who believe that we can enhance the customer experience, safety, and performance of the shopping malls in one place.

On 26 July 2018, we kicked off the first session and are looking forward to 8-week mentorship driven program capped off by Demo Day in mid October 2018. This is the first program powered MTR and supported by various communities such as Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, Austrade, Cyberport, HKSTP, InvestHK, Jumpstart, RISE, Tencent Westart and is one of the very first Techstars program in Hong Kong.

Without further ado, here are the #propUP companies:

Acoustic Metamaterials

Acoustic Metamaterials Group (AMG) is a smart materials and acoustics company that is changing the way we interact with sound.


Hong Kong


An innovator in electric vehicle charging. Our mission is to raise the adoption of EV by introducing the Portable Charger Kit – PCK in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong

HM Environmental Ltd

Our motto is “Collect, Reuse and Recycle”. We reclaim used wood and through procesing we upcycle the wood into hoardings and multi-purpose wood boards.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Blind Union

It is the first self-help group organized and managed by people with visual impairment. It aims at promoting the spirit of self-help and mutual-help as well as striving for equality, opportunities and independence for visually impaired persons.


Hong Kong

Immerse Enterprise

Immerse Enterprise work with some of QLD’s premiere clients in order to bring your ideas to life using virtual reality technology.



IOIO Creative

IOIO CREATIVE is a thriving creative solution hub where you can find surprising ideas and assuring production being well-blended in harmony.


Hong Kong


MobiJuce is Hong Kong’s first and largest shared platform with power bank on-the-go. It is a fully automated GPS based system which allows you to rent a JucePac from any of our JuceBoxes using the MobiJuce App.


Hong Kong


Neoma’s O2O platform delivers customised, contextual and interactive experiences to your customers and analyses essential metrics about their behavior.


Hong Kong

Origami Labs

Instantly send texts, make calls, and use your voice assistant without a screen. Leave behind those uncomfortable earbuds.


Hong Kong

Oxpecker Labs

Oxpecker Labs is a deep-tech company that specializes in sweat sensing technology for fitness and healthcare.


Hong Kong


Your receipt is worth more. Turning all your “worthless” receipts into exciting rewards.


Hong Kong

Felix Wong
(@felix12777) Felix is a young entrepreneur who believes that actions speak louder than words. He is the Community Manager of Greater Bay at Techstars Startup Program, a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Since 2015, he has facilitated over 40 Techstars Startup Programs regionally.