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Rebecca Twemlow is a successful Dunedin businesswoman who runs Firebrand, an agency known for both its innovative work and support of community projects. Rebecca will be one of the mentors for Startup Weekend 2015, so we caught up with her to ask her a few questions.

1) What is Firebrand and what you do at the company?

Firebrand is a full service web, design and marketing Interactive Agency. We service an International client base with customised solutions from the best little city in the South, Dunedin. Our small but strong team brings together experienced designers, developers and marketing, project, content and SEO experts to help brands connect and engage in a digital world, design websites and apps that drive revenue and connections and build marketing strategies that generate results.

As the Managing Director I am responsible for starting the fires (in 2009 with a couple of others) and continuing to keep the Firebrand flame burning bright today.  I have an unending commitment to exceeding my customers’ expectations and specialise in building teams, solution design, process analytics and executive project management.

In a nut shell, my day mostly consists of meetings, my nights mostly consists of doing work that becomes necessary from those meetings.

2) What startups have you been involved with?

  • Firebrand: co-founder (2009 – current) and now 100% owner.
  • Hail: co-founder (2014 – current) and director.
  • aSaferDrive: (2012 – current) shareholder, director.
  • eComPlus (2013 – current) Advisor and Creative Agency.
  • GetHomeSafe (2012 – current)  Advisor and Creative Agency.

3) What are some of your favourite startups at the moment, both in New Zealand and worldwide

See previous list!

Locally there are so many hot startups right now – so many it is difficult to keep up, but there are a few that I keep a particularly closer eye on for various reasons:  Timely, VEND, Trade Gecko and Cloud Cannon would be the “shortlist”.

4) What is your biggest piece of advice to first time startup founders?

The effort you are going to need to put in is 10x more than you currently expect – you will have no life outside of your startup BUT it is totally worth it!  Be prepared.

5) What are you looking forward to at Startup Weekend 2015?

My expectations are fairly high and consist of meeting great people, hearing great ideas and working together to create greatness!

I am particularly looking forward to being challenged and getting the wheels rolling in my head to provide what support and mentorship I can and no doubt learning things myself.

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