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Martín Vivas is a design-thinking professional from Argentina. With over 15  years experience in the tech industry as a learning eXperience designer, Martin has built acceleration and training programs, as well as experiences (hackathons and innovation challenges) throughout Latin America. His experience includes the support of many UP Global programs:

Martin’s resume includes:

  • Founder of Makers.la – a learning in-demand program for tech skills from the best companies in Latin America (certificated by us and Universidad de Palermo)
  • Creator of Founders Latam, strategy consultancy, innovation funds, on-demand programs, experiences and trainings for brands.
  • Acceleration Leader at Desarrollando America Latina. (social startups)
  • Co-founder at Cybercafe – discussion group focused in Internet Public Policy and Government Affairs. Based in The Chatham House Rule.


Three words that define your community?
The pure power

Most interesting person you follow on twitter?
Fred Wilson or Mark Suster (they are very sharp)

What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?
Learning eXperience Design

Favorite Mobile App?
Twitter – a classic. But Slack is an awesome way to stay connected.

What TV show should everyone be watching?
Being from Argentina… now a days House of Cards is nearly our reality…hahahaha.

What is the one food you cannot resist?
Asado!! Here in Argentina we have fantastic meat (it’s like a spa for cows) and friends, red wine and barbecue (argentine style) do not fail!


What music are you currently listing too?
Depeche ModeThe CurePeter Gabriel

Who would you say was an important influencer or mentor in your journey as a Comm. Leader?
When I started on community building in Palermo Valley (7 years ago), we had no reference or example to follow. But as we started to create a place for entrepreneurs in Argentina, people like Adam Stelle and Danielle Reyes from UP Global came along to help. Also, my own team in other places, like Anita Massacane (from Barcamp) or Sebas Nader (from entrepreneurship summit) were people whom I learned a lot and a great help and support.

What is your favorite Startup Weekend or summit moment?
On Saturday night of Startup Week, you see the faces, and you understand everything about startups, it’s a magical, mysterious moment.

What is UP Global good at?
Creating a space for entrepreneurs and their experiences.

How can we at UP Global improve in helping you and your community?
Support! Nowadays, Argentina has an unusual experience ecosystem. We have lots of talented people, and professionals with remarkable know-how, but our volatile  economic landscape scares sponsors, and brands away… we don’t need money, we need support and people who believe in us.

Local Government: Friend or Foe?
Both, on several levels (the true Latin American way!)

First celebrity pick for your Startup Weekend team?
Reid Hoffman, founder of Linkedin, because he would work hard, and believe in the project even if it wasn’t sexy (just like Linkedin, haha). To be an entrepreneur and visionary, you need be wrong most of the time, until the environment changes and then… you’re right.


What drives you absolutely crazy?
For Bad – Ineptness
For Good – Seeing the passion of ideas at work

Pick one: kittens or puppies?

Whiteboard or Post It?
Whiteboard!! 100%

And finally, tell us a secret!
I am very shy. (but that never stopped me)

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