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Thiago Diniz is from Serra Talhada, a country town, in northeast of Brazil.

“I moved to Recife for college and before finishing I started my first business. As many entrepreneurs, I failed at my first attempt, mainly because of lack of experience and terrible community support. I decided to help to build a better environment for young entrepreneurs. I started hosting meetups for developers and entrepreneurs, then co-organized the first Startup Weekend in Recife and biggest conference called tropicalruby.com.”


Diniz is an entrepreneur and developer particularly interested in early-stage startups and entrepreneurship. In 2009, he co-founded Code Media while still in college and ran it for almost three years. In 2011 he founded Eventick – an event management platform in Brazil where event owners can sell their tickets within minutes and attendees can use their mobile tickets to check-in on the events. Currently, Diniz is the Web Product Manager at PSafe Technologies.

UP Global Involvement: Organized and brought the first Startup Weekend to Recife in 2011, and has organized 3 others since then; Facilitated his first Startup Weekend in 2012 in Brazilia and has Facilitated over a dozen Startup Weekend’s in total.


Three words that define your community?
Resilient, Pioneer, Manguebeat 

Most interesting person you follow on twitter?
Elon Musk

startup weekend, up global, elon musk


Whats the last thing you searched for on Google?


Favorite Mobile App?

What TV show should everyone be watching?
Mad Men

What is the one food you cannot resist?
Shrimp – all kinds

What music are you currently listing too?
Sugar Minott – Dub music, ya man!


Who would you say was an important influencer or mentor in your journey as a Community Leader?
Leo Zeba – Great mind, crazy guy

What is your favorite Startup Weekend or summit moment?
Hanging out at sky bar during Malaysia GEC

What is UP Global good at?
Giving people meaning to work and hope

How can we at UP Global improve in helping you and your community?
Telling more stories about communities

Local Government: Friend or Foe?
Foe – Dilma is not helping at all

What drives you absolutely crazy?
When I hear someone say they are going to be millionaire on the first day of Startup Weekend

Pick one: kittens or puppies?

Whiteboard or Post It?
Post it – all sizes, do you guys still have that A4 ones?

First celebrity pick for your Startup Weekend team?
Ashton Kutcher


And finally, tell us a secret!
I did’t organize two events before becoming an facilitator! =P

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