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From November 9 to November 11, 2018, Techstars Startup Weekend returned to Berlin, this time with a food-themed edition. The event brought together people with ideas related to the way we produce, consume, distribute, share and dispose of food. The feeling that the global food supply chain needs to be reshaped in order to reach sustainability goals was strong throughout the weekend.

The event kicked off on Friday evening at WeWork with 60 attendees getting together for dinner, networking, ice-breaking activities, pitches, voting and forming teams. Out of the 60 attendees, 28 pitched ideas, which the audience helped narrow down to the top 10. The participants quickly formed teams around the top 10 ideas and were ready to start working on their development from Saturday morning.

Saturday was the day when the coaches came in to support the teams on developing their ideas, push them to validate their assumptions with potential customers and start thinking about their final presentations on Sunday evening.

Most of Sunday was spent polishing the ideas and working on the final presentation for the evening, focusing on the judging criteria:

  • Business Model
    How does the team plan on making this a successful business? Have they thought about (either solved or identified problems) competition, how to scale, acquiring customers, their revenue model etc?
  • Customer Validation
    Are teams building something that people actually want? How well does the team understand their customer and their customer’s needs. Did the team get out and talk to customers? What is the value proposition to customers?
  • Execution & Design
    Have they established a “Minimal Viable Product” for the weekend (software, hardware, etc.)? *Note: an MVP is the minimum set of features to be able to start collecting data. Does it deliver a compelling and captivating user experience? Were they able to demo something functional?

The ideas pitched on Sunday were:

  • Supermix Group – An affordable superfood mix which is healthy and simple to use.
  • Anico – A guide to a healthier you.
  • Frescue – A platform to prevent foodwaste in the supply chain
  • Big Food Coop Berlin – A collaborative supermarket providing high quality food at very low prices.
  • Fisherman’s Catch – A blockchain enabled platform tracking fish along the supply chain.
  • The Kantine – An event series aimed at enabling people to experience authentic and unique cultural experience.
  • Seed to Farm – A crowdfunding platform for small farm investment.
  • Fooders Marketplace – A marketplace to connect small farmers and food producers with customers.
  • Mogu Boost – provides people with mushroom superpowers every day, everywhere.
  • Food for Gut – Personalized meal plan app for irritable bowel syndrome patients.

After the presentations from passionate participants, the judges deliberated before awarding the prizes! Food for Gut came in at first place, with Anico in second place, MoguBoost in third and The Kantine received an honorable mention.

Thanks so much to all of our teams who worked, hustled and pitched – we hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did!

We’d like to thank our mentors for sharing their knowledge and supporting the teams throughout the weekend and our judges for taking the time on Sunday night to listen to the presentations & give feedback.

Special thanks to WeWork Atrium Tower for hosting this bunch of passionate entrepreneurs and to Food Tech Campus for believing in them & supporting the organizing team in making the event possible.

Thank you Smunch, Beets & Roots, gebana, Valensina,  Wildcorn, Coffee Circle for keeping us fueled up during the weekend and to NutritionHub & FoodBuzz.de for supporting us as network partners and to Mike and goodfood.agency for capturing the entire weekend no film.

And of course a big big thank you to Founder Institute, Smart Hectar, and Food Tech Campus & WeWork for enabling the winners to keep working on their business and integrating into the local startup ecosystem.

See you next time!

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