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Loved Startup Weekend 2014? Wish you could be part of the exciting team that brought you the experience? Now is your chance!

We are currently recruiting people for:

  • Sponsorship outreach (find and secure sponsorship for SW 2015 – business development experience or similar required)
  • Communications (dealing with everything from questions to our mailing list – marketing experience or similar required)
  • Social media (experience required – show us your work and results!)
  • Operations (venue + F&B event management/planning experience required)
  • Speaker + mentor outreach (must already have an excellent network of technologists and innovators in the UAE)

If this is you – apply now! Send your resume and 1 line about why you want to be part of organizing Startup Weekend 2015 to tina.y.yazdi@gmail.com

Good luck!




We’re currently for people WITH EXPERIENCE (no experience? no worries – we’ll be looking for volunteers as well soon!). Time commitment is 10 hours per wee

Tina Yazdi