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PrintAt Startup Weekend Ghent you’ll pitch your idea to a crowd complete strangers. You’ll have to convince them that your idea is solid, well-researched, and that there’s future in executing it.

So you may want to run your idea past a few experienced entrepreneurs and fellow startup enthusiasts, see what they think and refine your idea (and the way you talk about it).

To help you with that, we’ve teamed up with the westartup community – over 3,600 startup enthusiasts from all over the world – who can check out your idea, ask hard questions and give insightful advice.

You might be concerned that someone would “steal your great business idea” the moment you reveal it. You shouldn’t be. Check out the opinion of Joren De Wachter, Belgium’s leading specialist in intellectual property rights and startups, and (among other things) investor in SparkCentral.

So, ready to share your idea and make it better?

Get feedback on your idea >>

And if you haven’t done so yet, get your ticket for the weekend here. Early bird tickets are available until mid November!

Evelien De Bruyne