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Results From Startup Weekend Vancouver

Startup Weekend Vancouver was an action packed weekend to say the least. There were lots of great ideas, inspiring moments, and many lost hours of sleep. However, even with the short timeline (Nov 14-16) to build out a company, it was awesome to see such great presentations and business ideas come out of the weekend.

After the 50 ideas from participants were pitched on Friday, everyone voted on their favorites and 15 ideas were picked to form teams. However, during the forming, one idea dissolved and another idea (ConceptKicker) formed – regardless of not being voted as a favorite. More on that in a moment.

Here is the line-up of the teams and ideas that were pitched to judges at the end of the weekend on Sunday:


A two-way incentive-based sharing system for professional services companies looking to build referrals and repeat consumers. There is a gap in the beauty services market for a user promoted recommendation system and this new app enables high margin services to reward their best customers, while increasing referral traffic.

The next time you have an awesome service encounter at a local salon or store, spread your good cheer with your social circle in return for a discount. Applause! provides you with a platform to collect and redeem consumer-generated coupons from your favorite stores and notifies you when you are near one of the locations.

www.goapplause.co »


Voter turnout is decreasing at steady pace. The trend is very noticeable for young people; they are participating less than their elders and their willingness to vote is declining over time. In this context, can ICTs revitalize democratic participation? It is from this question that we came up with Votely, a platform aimed at providing electors unbiased and understandable political information. By comparing candidates, Votely helps you to decide who to vote based on the things you care about.

www.votely.org »


A tool that helps Architects design with more sustainable materials by informing them of the environmental impacts of the materials they design with, early in the design process.

www.buildingfootprint.co »


A social travel website for sharing trip routes from real travellers. This platform helps to plan a better trip in less time by matching travellers’ interests with relevant routes that have been taken by other like-minded travellers. Troogie allows its online community of independent travellers to search, share and plan trip routes; but also to connect and follow travel friends with similar trip styles.  Trip routes are complete and concise, including a map and insider insights from fellow travellers. The planning tool will help travellers to build trip routes which are accessible via the Troogie mobile app.

www.troogie.com »

My Green Space

A digital gardening planner, helping individuals create their own garden in any space – no experience required. It’s a platform for connecting individuals to seed growers and gardening planners. My Green Space directs individuals step-by-step through the urban gardening process: mapping their garden online, identifying what plants can grow in the space and how to care for them, and shipping packages directly to their door. Delivery options include: individual seeds or a pre-made kits with instructions for plantation and maintenance. My Green Space will remind individuals when to plant, water, and harvest their dream garden.

www.mygreenspace.ca »


Showing you the best dish in your restaurant and where to find the best X dish in your neighbourhood.

www.pokemenu.com »


Meet people with similar hobbies and interests in person. Whether you’re new to the area or want to ask career-related, industry-specific questions, Meap. lets you find other people in your area who like doing the same thing you, and matches you up with other like-minded individuals.

www.meap.co »


NeighbourGood allows you to crowdsource social action projects for a local cause — start a beach clean up, a clothing drive, or deliver food to those in need.

www.neighbourgood.co »


NetBy helps people connect and network with the right people at conferences and events. We show you who is nearby or at the same event, and allow you to filter other’s based on skills, company background, etc.


A service that turns internet bandwidth into a commodity that everyone can afford. Reband identifies your unused internet bandwidth and finds someone who needs it and makes it available as a resource.

www.reband.co »

Fame Mob

Intelligently connecting emerging brands & bloggers. Emerging brands and bloggers are looking for the right fit. FameMob makes that happen with our style-smart algorithm. We are the only platform that intelligently connects emerging brands and bloggers.


A service that helps sports teams create sponsor proposals, get matched, and get sponsored.

www.sponsorspot.co »

Fix My Screen

A mobile business for repairing broken or damaged phones.

www.fixmyscreen.co »


We are Inkind. The platform to connect consumer packaged goods brands with local events. Think of us as Match.com for brands and events. We enable brands to easily build connections with their target markets through a searchable database of events key worded to event type, values, and lifestyles. We also provide insights on how the brand/product was received by the consumer.


The world’s only one-stop-shop platform that makes it easy for artists to get their 2D design concepts to market. Artists crowdfund their designs and ConceptKicker will take care of converting the 2D concept art to 3D model, 3D printing the design, and shipping it to the hands of their fans.

www.conceptkicker.co »

The Winning Teams

The battle was fierce and so many of the ideas were great, well thought out, and presented well. The judges had a big task ahead of them to hand out our baskets of prizes.

The results of Startup Weekend Vancouver 2014 were as follows:

First Place: ConceptKicker
Runner-up: My Green Space
Third Place: Votely

Best “Purpose-Driven Idea” (Sponsored by Spring.is): Votely

Best Decentralized Idea (Sponsored by Vancouver Bitcoin Community): Reband

The most amazing and inspirational story of the weekend though had to come from ConceptKicker. Despite being told “No” because the idea was not voted as a favorite on the Friday, Tony Yang was determined to build out his idea. He persevered with his entrepreneurial attitude and was able to form a team. This team then would go on to win the weekend! It’s a complete underdog story but also a prime example of how you cannot give up on your dreams or your idea if you believe in it – even if no one else does.

Congrats to ConceptKicker and all the teams for an awesome weekend!


Weren’t able to make the event? Don’t worry!

Whether you were at the event or not, we have lots of pictures so you can feel like you were there (or relive the memories and experience)! Our full library of photos from the event is available for you to view, download, and share!

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