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Startup pre event

We were amazed how many people showed up and how international the crowd was. After sharing some insights about Startup Weekend and explaining in detail what can be expected if participating we conducted a small activity for pitching. This was meant to help taking away the fear of pitching an idea. We prepared some completely senseless ideas for the pitches. So the guys at the event had to pitch for example a toaster rental, a cruise on the pond of Bremerhaven’s biggest park, ponchos for dairy cows and so forth. It has been hell a lot of fun. At the end of all people who dared we draw a winner of a free ticket to Startup Weekend Bremerhaven.

So when preparing your pitch these are the key leanings and steps to make it successful or say understandable:

  1. Dare to do it! No idea is that silly not to deserve being pitched
  2. Tell who you are
  3. Name your idea and tell what it is
  4. Tell why you want to do it
  5. Tell whom you need or what you need to do in order to work on your idea


If you already know what you want to pitch use the time to prepare it well. You can make your pitch more entertaining, memorable and beautiful by packing it into a story (story telling) using accessories or anything else that comes up to your mind. There are no other limits to your creativity but time.

The first round of pitches on the Startup Weekend will allow you to speak 60sec. 60sec!!! Can be a lot of time or very little, so use it wisely J

We closed up with an introduction round and networking. It was super interesting how much potential we found in each other. Thank you guys, and hope to see you at the pre-event no. 2!

As next time we are attacking the topic lean management and tools for teamwork at Startup Weekend! RAR!

Moritz Albers