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SWHKI 2015 saturday

Yes, it’s been a crazy Saturday! After “a lot of” sleep, and possibly unhealthy doses of coffee, teams have gone through the crucial process of validation.

Changes have taken place in the last 24 hours as the teams have debated, researched, validated, pivoted and dealt with occasional drama and spouts of despair. They’ve all come a long way from “just an idea” on Friday night to something more concrete.
They are pushing towards building a real business with the help of customer feedbacks and the guidance of our awesome coaches.

As far as we can tell from all the late-nighters still working here, the teams are ready to rock our Sunday. Here is the lineup as they stand now:

  • Froodly – Social service for reducing food waste
  • Daily Greens – Makes growing your own food easier
  • Breeze – Community solution for big data
  • Thimble – fashion design production made simple 
  • Street Cred – Social media & e/commerce platform for artists
  • Faraday – Your everyday electric car sharing service
  • Karma – Connects people who are willing to work and those who are in need of small assistance 
  • Kido – A platform for children that provides analytics to parents and providers
  • Investor Eye – Social networking for private investors
 Stay tuned to find out the winner of @SWHelsinki tomorrow!
Mario Di Florio