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Saturday evening has come around quickly and teams have been working hard to validate their ideas and turn them into action.

A lot of changes have taken place in the last 12 hours as teams have debated, researched, validated, pivoted and dealt with a rollercoaster of highs and lows. They’ve come a long way from the ideas pitched on Friday night and are pushing towards building a real business with the help of customer feedback.

As we approach the end of the day, here is a list of the teams as they stand…

For couples in mid 20s suffering from chronic indecision when eating out; Tastebudds is the pocket food guide app that matches your current mood to your gastronomic desires. Providing recommendations to food and restaurants for the moment.


Exchange and sell platform, for kids’ toys in your local community.


Connecting event suppliers with people wanting to coordinate weddings. Eventr expedites the process and makes it easier to find services from catering to venue. E


Personality match-making for flatmates and roommates, allowing them to match with others with similar interests.

Facebook – Ruma App
Twitter – @ruma_app


Books in boots
Creating childrens’ books in a digital 3D world that they can read through exploration

Facebook – Books in boots


Fashion Ghost
People helping people to look good.


Lean Education
Fulfilling a need where students are entering the workforce without the skills that employees want. Helping to get those skills.


Marketplace for targeted push marketing of promotions to nearby consumers
Connecting somebody who needs something delivered somewhere with somebody already going that way.




A co-care service for pets.


Life band
A tool to help people feel safe at sea and connect immediately in case of emergency



All of the teams have been through ups and downs, pivots and twists to reach their first pitch practice tonight. Stay tuned to see how these ideas progress in the next 24 hours…

Laura Kerrison