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By Ben Luks, Startup Weekend Adelaide Volunteer

Converging in a newly created university campus, over 100 entrepreneurs participated in the sixth Startup Weekend in Adelaide, South Australia. Tickets for the event sold out fast, with a large number of participants attending the Weekend for the first time. The event was hosted by Flinders University at their new  state-of-art campus in Tonsley, south of Adelaide. Orren Prunckun, one of the event’s organisers, said that the participation rate was a positive sign of entrepreneurial activity in Australia.

“We are thrilled with the response,” he said. “It is clear that entrepreneurship is growing in Adelaide and across the country as a whole. Startup Weekend gives these entrepreneurs a chance to kick start their business dreams.”

Some of the innovative ideas launched at Startup Weekend include Beerfo.com, aiming to provide the widest selection of beer to the doors of its members. Another team, Stackademics, plans to provide student accommodation in shipping containers. Sasha Dragovelic, one of the Weekend’s participants said that the value of the event was clear. “Startup Weekend is not just about business planning, it is about ‘business doing,’” he said. “It is amazing that a group of people can come together one evening and actually build a real business in less than 54 hours.” With the final presentations less than five hours away at the time of writing, it is obvious that, win or lose, all the participants will walk away with valuable and practical experience in the thrilling world of entrepreneurship.

Orren Prunckun