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Sini works for BRA – Braathens Regional Airlines as a Distribution Development Specialist. She is constantly looking for new solutions and manages their cooperation with Amadeus. She acts as an innovation manager/business developer who tries to keep herself up to speed with the trends and keep an eye on what other airlines do.

How do you foster innovation at BRA?

There are a lot of new things coming from the sales department and then I try to fit them into the airline standards. We are constantly looking for new things to sell outside of our core airline business.

How do you cooperate with Amadeus?

We changed our host system from HP to Amadeus about a year ago and I have worked in the airlines industry with Amadeus for the past 17 years. There is a daily connection between us and Amadeus. Working with them requires me to keep up with their developments and novelties.

Do you have connections with startups?

No, not yet. I haven’t worked with startups before, but we would like to incorporate new ideas and cooperate with startups in the future if possible. BRA is small enough to be able to do that.

Which technologies would you like to work with the most on Startup Weekend?

Definitely fares distribution and distribution in general.

What are you the best in? What kind of questions would you like to answer during Startup Weekend?

I’m really good at handling a lot of data, I’m very thorough and a quick learner.

I worked for the airline industry for the last 17 years so I know this area inside out. This weekend is more about challenging the existing systems. I am very much in an „airline box”. So if there would be questions for example like this: „Would this work in the airline industry? How would airlines work with this today? What are the limitations in the airline industry according to the aviation law?” Laws can raise some boundaries for new technologies. Of course I believe that everything can be done… but maybe not today, but in the future.  

Do you like to fly? How do you like to travel and where?

Yes, I still do. I like to fly when it comes to long distances and of course I fly with BRA, but outside Sweden I like British Airways the most.

On shorter distances I prefer to bike.

Me and my husband do adventure travelling, so I have been in Mt Everest base camp twice, on Kilimanjaro and this January and February I was on the Galapagos Islands. So I have had a lot of adventures and I like to challenge myself physically too. I was not a backpacker, but I met my husband and he convinced me to try it and took me to Nepal. And I completely fell in love with it, I’m just longing to get back there constantly.

How do you imagine travelling in the close future?

I’m not a big fan of cars. In Stockholm I think people should bike more, I have commuted to work by bike for years – less stress and good exercise!  More electric cars would be great too. I think the biggest change in airlines industry will be that we move towards environmentally friendly fuels, expand the usage of biofuels.

There are also a lot of new aircraft models that are more quiet and environmentally friendly than those that we use today. In the future they shall be more commonly used than today.

Does BRA plan to expand outside of Scandinavia?

We have flights only inside Scandinavia, but sure we are planning to cover more areas. We need other aircraft types to do that. We do have charters flights e.g. to  Austria and Germany.

What was your most interesting experience in your professional life?

I worked for British Airways for 11 years and one of the most exciting stories occurred when I was flying together with one of the head of engineering from Helsinki. On our way to London he told me what every single sound of the aircraft was for. It was very interesting to understand what the different noises in the aircraft mean. It was great to get into an area that I was not familiar with before.

What are you the most passionate about?

I am constantly developing myself and learn new things. I’m longing to learn more and more. I’d love to do more adventure travelling, more challenges.

Why are you looking forward to Startup Weekend?

This is a new experience and it will be interesting to see people who can think outside the box. We have been working in this industry for a long time, so we are in our airlines box and it is fun to talk with other people who have been out of this world and can think differently.

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